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Jinan Huateng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, production and sale of granite precision measuring tools and mechanical components. The company is located at the foot of “Jinan Black” granite mine where mineral resources are rich.  It manufactures granite measuring tools and mechanical components by utilizing high-quality stone. It has unique resource conditions.
The company has more than twenty years of experience in production of granite measuring tools and mechanical components. Thanks to its complete mechanical processing equipment, constant-temperature processing inspection conditions and advanced electronic detecting instruments,  it has realized computer data processing. The company has an annual productivity of 2,000 square meters of “00”level granite precision surface plates of the specification of 6,000*3,000*500mm and 1,500 granite mechanical components. 98 percent of its products are mainly sold in the United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and areas, earning foreign exchange of USD 1 million every year.
Its main products include granite surface plates, flat rulers, angle squares, square rulers, V-shaped blocks, parallel rulers, and trapezoid blocks as well as mechanical components of precision instruments such as work tables and guide rails. The company is capable of completing special-shaped processing such as drilling, slotting and inlaying of metal pieces on work tables. During production and inspection of products, the company strictly abides by JB/T7975-1999 granite surface plate standards and JJG117-91 surface plate metrological verification regulations as well as provides domestic and overseas customers with granite measurement tools and granite mechanical components produced according to different national standards.
The company, under the working tenet of “Survive by Quality, Develop by Quality”, enjoys quite high reputation in international and domestic markets by virtue of its perfect management mechanism, reliable quality assurance system and advanced technical equipment. Welcome to contact us for common development.