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Flat Rock advantages over cast iron plate

Granite platform (have called marble slab is wrong) than the cast iron plate, okay? If you want to use the test plate with magnetic absorption of fixed equipment, you can choose cast iron plate. Stone tablet can also be drilled and slotted metal with use. Granite slab is a precision reference measurement platform with natural stone material,  for instrumentation, precision tools, machinery and parts testing, is an ideal base. Especially for high-precision measurements, because of his unique characteristics, so cast iron plate platform shame.  Jinan Green, Taishan Black Diamond, after millions of years of natural aging, form extremely stable and uniform organizational structure, linear expansion coefficient, internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation, and therefore more accurate. Flat Rock cast iron plate and other comparative amounts have the following advantages:
1, high accuracy,  good stability, not easily deformed, at room temperature to ensure measurement accuracy
2, no rust, acid,  do not oiled,   easy to stick dust, easy maintenance simple
3, rigid, high hardness, wear resistance and long service life
4, the face of small scratches,  bumps will not cause a relief, does not affect the measurement accuracy
5, there is no problem when the magnetization measurements can move smoothly, without feeling creaky